WHY US?We care about you, not your money.  We want you to achieve your fitness goals while making new friends and getting the support you need!

Some of the benefits :

  • Complete Aerobic/Anarobic workout while learning Self-Defence.
  • Fluid Body Movement , Economy of motion and effort.
  • Train your body to be calm and focused in any situation no matter how good or bad.
  • Awareness , Sensitivity of body and motion.
  • Learn to use a live fight proven system of techniques and transitions rather then theory     that may not have been tested in many years.
  • Ju Jitsu is always growing, changing and evolving so there is always more to learn!
  • Kids ages 4 - 5yrs :  30min - Basic Movements , drills , and techniques. Mostly escapes and defense at first.
    Kids ages 6 - 12yrs :  1hr - Basic movements , Basic/Advanced Drills , and Basic/Advanced Techniques. Roll time (sparring) , Concepts , A Touch of Philosophy.
    Adult Basics :  Basic Fundamental Drills and Sequences (Self-Defence and Combat Based).
    Adult :  Basic/Advanced Drills and Sequences. Heavy amount of Full Speed Drills , Transitional Drills , Concept/Theory , Positional Sparring.

    Our Pricing:

    • Monthly - Individual Student

      $60.00 per month.

    • Family Pass - Up to 4 members

      $90.00 per Month. Immidiate Family Members Only!

    • Visitors - 1 Training Session

      $10.00 per Session

    • Punch Card - For Occialsional Training

      $50.00 for 6 Training Sessions. Your card is punched one time per visit. After 6 visits you can buy another card.

    • Private Training - 1-on-1 Session

      $50.00 per hour upon request.

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